Project Description


Greek website and blog in English language, specialising in alternative tourism.

They offer unique culinary and cultural tours in Greece and beyond! They provide excellent service and guaranteed quality.

This successful web site already works efficiently and has increased business activity staight away!

The site appears correctly on all devices.

Project Details



Yiannis Fournaros

Rallou Portokalakis

Date 01/October/2017

Skills Website and Blog


Special Tour Packages


A large portfolio with tours for everyone.

Through this website Portoplanet brings people from all over the world with common interests.

With a few clicks, you can book the excursion that interests you.

If you like this, you can easily have it in Greek and/or bilingual!


Interesting information that is very useful for your visitors, promoting your products and a great way of sharing ideas. You can upload each article separately on social media if you wish which can make your site more popular .

If you like this idea, you can easily have it, one in English language and/or bilingual !

Here we are

If you have a physical address, this is a great way to find you easily. An essential table with all your contact details for both local and worldwide consumers! In English language or bilingual if you prefer

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