Project Description

This e-shop in New Zealand promotes handmade soy wax candles. It introduces the visitor to all the products and the different variety of scents. A very simple but extremely effective e-shop that has proven to be very successful with many internet sales. You have choices of payment methods, and shipping charges based on the postal code.

Project Details

Client  Laraine Moses
Date 20/Oct/2016

Skills E-shop

On Line Shop

After selecting the product, you then select the scent and put it in your shopping basket that appears to the right of the screen. You then have the choice of payment method, and direct shipping charge based on the postal code. Easy, simple and efficient


You can write articles about your products and add lovely images which will create a warm and friendly ‘feel’

Here we are

On this page there is all the information the visitor needs to contact or visit your business. Contact form, area map, telephone, e-mail address and working hours.

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