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Tilman Walk

I started my business, the body-wave fitness studio and found myself frustrated running my existing website www.bodywave.co.nz. George re-created it from scratch in record time,  even better than it was! George was very helpful and offered some new ideas, especially towards the search engine optimization. It was great for me and it’s just cheering you up  working with George as his customer focus makes you feel well cared for. I highly recommend George. 

Laraine Moses

I create soy candles and sell them at local markets.  I wanted to expand my business and offer my products to a larger audience so George suggested an on-line shop! He came up with a really inexpensive solution, and now I have my own online store www.vintageleafshop.com My sales have increased, it is easy for me to add new products and it works perfectly. It is exactly what I needed! Thanks George

Chris Harris

A big thank you to Georgios Bitzilos! I play trumpet on cruise ships all over the world, and I teach music when I return to New Zealand. He did an awesome job creating my website www.nzjazz.com which has helped me find new students and get jobs on cruise ships.  I am now able to constantly update the website wherever I am in the world with all my news, photos and videos.I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a website.

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